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The Northwest Indiana region offers urban, suburban and rural communities with a local economy worth over $35 billion. The close proximity to Chicago as well as large and small businesses throughout the region provides job seekers with virtually endless professional opportunities. The economy is also welcoming to new businesses, as the region is ranked within the top 10 best tax environments in the United States and the best in the Midwest, based on the 2016 State Tax Environment Index by the Tax Foundation. For truly low-cost, high-quality living, NWI is the place to be.

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Northwest Indiana Growth!

The NWI region is growing exponentially, both in economic and real estate development. Individuals and families are making the move here from more expensive locations like those in Illinois to save costs and find new jobs while building homes and businesses. Because of this shift, NWI is one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States and the second largest economy in Indiana, and it shows no signs of stopping.

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Lake County

As part of the Chicago metropolitan area, Lake County, Indiana, is the state’s second-most-populous county. Bordered by Lake Michigan and host to a portion of the Indiana Dunes State Park, there is no shortage of natural locations to enjoy. There’s a wonderful mix of urban, suburban and rural communities to live in, a thriving labor market for job seekers and easy access to Chicago for work or play.



Porter County

Bordered on the north by Lake Michigan, Porter County, Indiana, offers a wealth of natural beauty. The county encompasses a majority of the Indiana Dunes State Park and four county parks, including the Calumet Trail and Dunn’s Bridge County Park, which is one of the region’s oldest landmarks. With a mix of larger cities and small towns, there’s a perfect community for everyone to enjoy.



La Porte County

The historic county of La Porte is located in the eastern region of NWI and is part of the Michiana and Chicago metropolitan areas. With Lake Michigan along the north, the Kankakee River to the south and a portion of the Indiana Dunes Park, there is plenty of natural beauty to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a larger city feel or a small town community, you’ll find it in La Porte County.



Newton County

Newton County, Indiana, is located just south of Lake County. With a smaller population and close proximity to Chicago, it offers the perfect location for those who want to live in a small-town community with easy access to the big city. While it may be small, it’s home to a natural wonder, the Kentland crater, which is thought to be formed by a meteorite impact first discovered in 1880.



Jasper County

Located directly south of Porter, Jasper County, Indiana, is an established area made up of several charming small communities. The county is bordered on the north by the Kankakee River and is home to the Iroquois River, lending to its beautiful natural landscapes. Jasper County offers a quaint, rural lifestyle with easy access to Chicago and other large cities in the NWI region.



Starke County

Sitting in the lower southeastern portion of the NWI region, Starke County, Indiana, is a small, picturesque area with rolling hills and natural landscapes. The county is made up of small to medium-sized towns and cities, perfect for quiet community living with the big cities just a short drive away.



Pulaski County

For the ultimate small-town lifestyle, Pulaski County, Indiana, is the perfect location. Pulaski is home to the Tippecanoe River State Park, known for its beautifully undisturbed wetland shorelines and old-growth white pine trees. The county’s history runs deep, with several buildings and locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



Did You Know
that Northwest Indiana has…

Lower State Income Tax

The state of Indiana aims to create a desirable environment for businesses and local workers. Along with a low corporate tax rate, the individual income tax rate is only 3.23%, allowing you to keep more of the money you’ve worked hard to earn. Indiana is also working to continue lowering the income tax over the next seven years down to an incredibly low 2.9%.

Indiana also offers residents access to several tax credits for those eligible, such as a credit for taxes paid to other states, college credit and others. Learn more at the Indiana Department of Revenue website.

Four-Star Schools

The best schools in the state of Indiana are ranked by the Four Star designation. In the 2017-2018 school year, over 230 schools across the state received the honor of a Four Star designation, and 30 of those schools are located in the Northwest Indiana region, including public, private and charter schools.

Learn more about several of Indiana’s stellar Four-Star schools in the region:

Public |Crown Point Community School CorpDuneland School CorpLake Central School CorpSchool Town of MunsterTri-Creek Schools CorpValparaiso Community Schools   
Private & Charter | Andrean High SchoolDiocese of GaryForest Ridge AcademyHammond Academy of Science & TechnologyLa Lumiere

In-State Universities

Attending an in-state university is a great way to save money, and for those who live in Indiana, there are several highly ranked in-state universities to choose from. Indiana is home to some of the most recognized, established universities, both local and state-level.

Explore some of Indiana’s most notable institutions located in NWI, including local universities like Calumet College of St JosephIndiana University NorthwestIvy-TechPurdue Northwest and Valparaiso University, or State Universities like Purdue UniversityBall StateButler UniversityRose-Hulman Institute of Technology and the University of Notre Dame.

Accessibility to Healthcare

Access to quality healthcare is essential when choosing a place to live, and Northwest Indiana offers great options and is continuing to grow. Just within the past year, medical providers in the area have been planning, building or have already opened over $400 million worth of new hospitals, clinics and care centers.

Your health is in good hands thanks to Community Healthcare SystemFranciscan HealthIU HealthJasper County HospitalMethodist Hospital SystemMidwest Express ClinicsNW Indiana ER & Hospital, Northshore Health CentersPinnacle Hospital and Porter Health System in the region.

Great Place to Do Business

Don’t just take our word for it: Indiana has been ranked in the Top 12 Best States to Do Business by Forbes, with quality of life (ranked #4) and business costs also contributing to the ranking. Northwest Indiana offers excellent tax credits for businesses, including a payroll tax credit, business investment tax credit, venture capital investment tax credit and more.

The region has also experienced positive economic growth. Check out this 2021 market report for more insight.